Opening speech at the exhibition of Gommaar Gilliams

September 26, 2020

Addressing an introductory speech during the opening of Gommaar Gilliams' exhibition at Gasthuiskapel, Borgloon, September 27th, 2020. 

Member of Jury at LUCA School of Arts - Photography

June 25, 2020

I was asked to be a member of jury at LUCA School of Arts - Narafi Campus, evaluating the final exams of Bachelor Students in Photography. 

Cover Story: Amy Art App in ArtDependence

March 25, 2020

Like almost every other industry, the art world is doing its best to become digital – quickly. The team behind have been working in the world of professional art for several years. Together, they decided to create a tool to help art enthusiasts and dealers manage and present their work.

Image: At the official launch of Amy Art App, in December 2019, I moderated a talk between Rinus Van de Velde and Stella Lohaus.

Read the full article on ArtDependence here.

Job panel art history K.U. Leuven

March 25, 2020


On March 26th, 2020, I am participating in a job panel organized by the University of Leuven, about career perspectives in the art world. 

Click here to read my 'arts profile' on the Faculty of Arts the website (Dutch).

Stroomopwaarts: new online series for OKV

January 14, 2020

Voor Openbaar Kunstbezit Vlaanderen start ik vanaf januari 2020 met de nieuwe online rubriek 'Stroomopwaarts'.


In deze maandelijkse rubriek verken ik de Belgische hedendaagse kunst. Mijn oog valt op kunstenaars die, klimmend naar de top, tegen de stroom in durven gaan: met verrassende onderwerpen, met vernieuwende technieken of met pertinente vragen.

Lees 'Stroomopwaarts' hier.

Amy Art App - Official Launch

December 09, 2019

Are you an artist, a gallery or a collector? Amy is your independent, cloud-based art management app. Join us for the official launch!

Rinus Van de Velde, Stella Lohaus and Tamara Beheydt will talk about the necessity of professionalisation in the arts. Admission is free, register via

Register here.

Portraits by artist Adam Leech

November 02, 2019

I am very honoured that artist Adam Leech has created two painted portraits of me: 'Tamara in front of Black Flower' and 'Tamara Reading'. Both are included in Adam's exhibition 'A Face for Radio' at The White House Gallery, Lovenjoel, Belgium.

Read my interview with Adam Leech in his studio in Kunstletters #007: order here.

More info about Adam Leech here.

More info about The White House Gallery here.

Book release: Charline Tyberghein

September 06, 2019

Charline Tyberghein's artist publication appeared on the occasion of her solo exhibition at Sofie Van de Velde Gallery (opening September 7, 2019). It contains my text 'Modesty First: A talk with Charline Tyberghein'. 

Opening on May 23: SEEN

May 22, 2019

As the assistant of Joanna De Vos - art historian and curator, I am happy to announce the opening of her new project space SEEN. 

SEEN opens on 23 May 2019 and is a new project space curated by Joanna De Vos in the vibrant Zuid neighbourhood of Antwerp. The concept is simple: one room, one previously unseen artwork, one artist. Each presentation will be accompanied by a statement or specially selected text. SEEN will exhibit works by a wide range of national and international artists, some of whom will be selected by guest curators. Each piece will be on view for a period of two months. 


Why this new space? Joanna De Vos is a ‘curious and keen’ curator and is constantly on the lookout for new discoveries. She lives and breathes art and SEEN is a way of sharing this passion.

Why ‘SEEN’? The past participle of the verb ‘to see’ is an ideal name for this new space, and for several reasons. SEEN is not a gallery and does not have a commercial purpose. It is a space for reflection and contemplation, one that is born of a profound belief in the power of beauty, art and the artist. It is intended to be a supportive platform that enables artists to be ‘seen’ and heard. Moreover, SEEN aspires to create a ‘scene’: a space in which curators, artists and audiences can meet, where things can happen and connections are forged; an unassuming nexus in the middle of Antwerp’s thriving international cultural quarter.

Lecture on meeting points between Belgian contemporary art and music

March 27, 2019

Lecture for PEDIC (Pedagogisch Didactisch Centrum) Gent, about remarkable meeting points between Belgian contemporary art and music (in Dutch). 

Werkwinkel 2: Opmerkelijke ontmoeting tussen Belgische beeldende kunst en muziek


Vanuit haar ervaring als beheerder van collecties, onderzoeker en schrijver schetst Tamara Beheydt je aan de hand van een aantal goed gekozen voorbeelden een beeld van de vele mogelijke ontmoetingen tussen Belgische beeldende kunst en muziek. 


Eén belangrijke focus binnen de lezing zal liggen bij kunstenaar Dennis Tyfus (°1979). Hij kan getypeerd worden als een allround kunstenaar, die op verschillende manieren en niveaus muziek in zijn praktijk verwerkt. Met haar suggesties wil Tamara je vooral aantonen wat er vlakbij te ontdekken valt, maar je ook uitdagen om voorbij de meest conventionele definities van zowel "kunst" als "muziek" te kijken.  

Meer informatie + inschrijven: 

Job panel art history K.U. Leuven

March 25, 2019

On March 26th, 2019, I am participating in a job panel organized by the University of Leuven, about career perspectives in the art world. 

New collaboration with a touch of art

January 16, 2019

a touch of art is a consultancy founded by Roxane Baeyens that is specialised in administration, communication, PR, advice and consulting for artists, commercial galleries, art spaces and collectors. We offer tailor-made support, either project-based or for the long term.

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My profile on 'Kunstenpunt'

December 31, 2018

Mijn biografie werd opgenomen in de databank van Kunstenpunt, die iedereen die actief is in de Belgische kunstensector samenbrengt. 


Bekijk het hier.

Facebook Training

December 11, 2018

One-day Facebook Training by Lincelot Marketing and Webdesign, including certificate. 

Interview for Kunst in Huis

October 23, 2018

As a member of staff (ad interim) and a client, I was interviewed by Kunst in Huis about my passion for contemporary art. 

Read the full article here (Dutch):

Image: ©Hannelore Veelaert / Words: ©Isalien Van Hoorebeke

Member of Jury at LUCA School of Arts

June 07, 2018

I was asked to be a member of jury at LUCA School of Arts - Narafi Campus, evaluating the final exams of Bachelors in Photography. 

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